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If you recently have had an irrigation or lawn sprinkler system installed at your home (Residential) or business (Commercial) in and around the Twin Cities Metro Area, it is vitally important to ensure that the system is properly maintained in order to stay effective, especially during the summer times when high amounts of watering is required. Irrigation City Inc. provides professional Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler repair/service in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, and would be more than happy to assist you with any of your required needs.

What a lot of first time irrigation system owners don’t realize is they require a certain level of maintenance to keep them running properly.

Often times problems in the irrigation system can lead to wasted water or property damage. If you don’t fix a leak fast enough gallons of water can be lost an hour. If you leave a sprinkler head broke it can wash out an entire area of your lawn. Also your lawn can appear brown as if its not getting enough water if the system isn’t working correctly or start to wilt due to over watering.

Most irrigation problems are easily resolved, but the issues have to be found so they can be repaired.


    • Your water bill has increased suddenly with no apparent other cause.
    • You begin to notice wet spots or marshy areas on your lawn.
    • You see clear evidence of physical damage to your sprinkler heads or other system components, such as corroded wires or cracks.
    • Your lawn isn’t thriving the way it should — large areas of yellow patches of dying grass may indicate that your sprinkler system isn’t doing its job.
    • Water is shooting up in the air in streams or pooling around the edges of your lawn.

The easiest way to maintain your irrigation system is to regularly turn on each zone and watch it for a minute to make sure everything appears to be working correctly.

So if you are located in or around the Twin Cities areas in Minnesota, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for us to review all of your irrigation or lawn sprinkler system needs. Irrigation City Inc. uses highly effective and proven techniques to ensure that your irrigation or sprinkler system remains in the best functioning condition possible year-round.

We offer Seasonal Maintenance services as well, such as: Start-ups, Mid-Summer Check-Up,  Winterizations and our all encompassing Irrigation Maintenance Packages

All of the job sites (Customers) that Irrigation City Inc. has worked on will be entered into our customer database, which includes your location, contact information and irrigation details, that way it makes maintenance a breeze.

Our years in business have allowed us to build a client list that will ensure our continued operations.

Typically, these sprinkler system repair items can be repaired at a minimal cost of time and money which will provide an efficient lawn irrigation system! we offer competitive professional service rates.

We are always ready to help you. Just contact us for an appointment, schedule it yourself or authorize service below and we will contact you.

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