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Lake and Pump Systems


Lake & Pump Systems

Lake pump systems, can save you a lot of money compared to using city water, if they are designed and installed correctly. We can provide those services as well, there are different configurations of pumps as well: centrifugal, jet, submersible and variable speed. Did you know that we can set it up so you can draw water out of a lake, river, pond or creek and design it so you can also draw if from you house water as well.

Pulling water out of a body of water where you can legally do so can be an excellent alternative to city water or having your own personal well. The main thing you’ll want to make sure is that the water is not contaminated, and second make sure that there are no legal restriction to you using this water source.

When considering a Lake Pump System there are a number of things to take into consideration. First, is the water deep enough very important. Our rule of thumb is that we need a depth of at least two feet. Second and probably the most important, is there electrical power at the lake to supply the lake pump. Most of the pumps that we install are 220v. If you do not have 220v power at the lake already it will be necessary to have an electrician get power there for you. We can not do this! we are not “Electricians” but we can help provide this service.

Centrifugal Lake pumps are the most commonly used lake pump systems. There are two reasons for that. One, it is cheapest pump station from a cost standpoint and secondly, it is the simplest to install. Now for the negatives.  The centrifugal lake pump is also a stand alone pump that usually sits on a concrete pad on the shoreline. If you have ever seen one on someones shoreline you know that it is not the most beautiful lawn ornament in the world.Usually customers will have a “dog house” built over it to conceal it and protect it from the elements.

Submersible pumps are most commonly installed by our company. This pump sits entirely under water so there is no unsightly pump station sitting on the shoreline. We often will install this pump under your dock so that it is out of site and out of the way of watercraft. We custom build these pumps for the specific needs of a job site. This pump is a plug and go pump. There is never a need to prime this pump so you will never have to worry about losing prime. The only negative that we have found with this pump is that the power cord for this pump is in the water. While this does concern some potential customers, we have never had any issues with the waterproof splice kits provided by the distributor. This pump is bulletproof!

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Lake and Pump Systems

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