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Backflow Testing


Minnesota Pressure Vacuum Breaker Testing In Effect Now

PVB and RPZ  Testing for your Irrigation System

All home owners who have sprinkler systems, now must have there pressure vacuum breakers inspected/tested every year now!

In January 2016 Minnesota passed a new plumbing code, and it requires that all testable backflow prevention assemblies be tested, maintained and removed in accordance with section 603.5.23 of the plumbing code.

It can be read here Vacuum Breaker Testing

Here is how it Breaks Down for Vacuum Breakers:

Backflow Prevention Device Information:

  • If you have a Pressure Vacuum Breaker device (PVB) that was installed on/after January 23, 2016 you are required to have it inspected annually, and the inspection record needs to be submitted to the proper city.
  • If you have a Pressure Vacuum Breaker device (PVB) that was installed before January 23, 2016 then there is no requirement that you have the device inspected. Your device has been grandfathered into the old plumbing code. If an older device fails and is replaced all new plumbing codes apply, and an inspection must be performed annually on the device.
  • If you have an older back flow prevention device (PVB, AVB or DCVA), it is never a bad idea to get it inspected. The device prevents contaminated water from entering the plumbing system in your home. These contaminants can come from your irrigation system, or any other process where water contacts a non-potable source.
Here is how it Breaks Down for RPZ:
  • If you have a Reduced Pressure Zone device (RPZ) you need to have it inspected annually, and the inspection record must be submitted to the proper City. The device needs to be rebuilt, or replaced, if it fails the annual inspection.

You can NOW schedule your own appointment below, its limited to: April thru September

You do not have to be home, for this test, as we will submit all paper work to your local city and hang all of the proper tags on your device for inspection, as required by state law.

This is NOT a free service, as fee’s will apply

Schedule Service


Our plumber provides this service, some times he needs you around, and some times not, make sure you give us the best contact info as possible! All Prices are not the same, as different cities charge different prices for the permit and filing fee’s.

Extra Fee’s could be incurred, do to the city Charges.

Its Best to call us, to get the most updated costs.

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Backflow Testing

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Testing, Rpz Testing


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