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Irrigation Winterization

Sprinkler Winterizations

Fall Irrigation Winterization / System Clean Out / Blow-Out of System / Lawn Sprinkler Shut Down / Sprinkler Blowouts / Winterize Irrigation Sprinkler System


This a must have! if you really want to protect you system, “Get it Winterized” we start winterizations the last week of “September and run thru the 1st week of November, the last week is always the most expensive week, so plan ahead and book early. Did you know that once a freeze happens, the grass goes dormant, so it really doesn’t matter how much water you apply it will have no bearing on making your grass green again.

If your system isn’t winterized, the water in your system will expand and crack the pipes, heads, valves, valve manifolds and possibly the copper pipe outside the house, and most importantly the backflow device. So have one of our professionals get you winterized.

Our “Winterization Guarantee” is for 8 months and we cover everything from outside the house to the ground (EXCEPT the Backflow Device, see below), as long as we have access to the house so we can perform our job correctly.

Except the Backflow Device, we have changed this do to so many home owners, wanting to use the faucets after we winterize, and changing the handles on the devices. Not conforming to winterizing standards. We have also noticed that home owners are starting up there systems WAY to early in the spring, and trying to shut it done again. So we are NO longer covering the BACKFLOW Devices during winterizing. So this means that the home owner is responsible for any damages, to the backflow. If your backflow PBV is leaking from the top, This is not covered under the winterizing also, as this is normal wear and tear. If your copper pipe has a split in it, we will cover the expense of that repair as long as we preformed the winterize, and do the Start-up. “ACT OF GOD” if temp’s fall below 30 degree’s and you have not drained your system, or have it blown out before the temp’s fall below 30 degree’s, you “the homeowner” are responsible for all repairs.

Here is what we provide at the time of service

  • Shut off the water supply and inspect the shut off valve
  • Blow out your system with compressed air (185cfm air compressor)
  • Inspect your system while its being winterized
  • Shut down the controller
  • Drain the line in the basement
  • Tag the shut off and controller with date of service

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Buyer beware, there are a lot of companies that are popping up offering this service, aka “fly by nighters” for a cheap price, in and out in 15 minutes or less, and if you have problems in spring, you can’t find them, you end up paying more in the spring to get your system back up and running, then you would have paid us to do the job professionally. They usually don’t have “insurance” so if a head flies off breaks a window or hose breaks and breaks your house siding or something more drastic you the home owner has to pay for it.

There are companies that are now a calling service, that only do this service and nothing else!!! They also offer a cheap price, but they don’t fix the issue in the spring, so if you have problems you end up call a sprinkler company. Make sure that they do the work, its not subbed out to someone else.

Save your time and headaches, hire a sprinkler company and rest assured the job is done right.

Lets Talk Pricing!

It doesn’t matter, everyone has overhead costs such as: buying trucks, cell service, insurance, gas, materials, labor, marketing, office help, vehicle maintenance, taxes, licenses and etc. Back in 1989 when we started out, the charges for winterizing was $40 to $50, for up to 12 zones, commercial properties ran a little bit more. There is a website that helps on inflation  at http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ using the inflation calculator, the NOW  price should be $190 up! per blow-out. Sure there are some things available now to help us, such as: route mapping software, gps units and other items that can help with the process, this is still a labor and equipment intensive service, Today we need to get a minimum of $75.00 for minimum of 6 zones for just a plain system! other costs could change this. Whats wrong with our industry? and contractor’s? Time to sit down and re-evaluate.

Lets take a closer look at this! Maybe I can start here by helping the “smaller companies” and “fly-by-nighters” as you look for laborer’s and workers for you company or even just pay yourself a wage, you will notice that hourly pay rate is right around $20.00 hour up plus benefits of some sort. That’s $800/week, plus overtime. Yes overtime, because if owners were working for a bigger company, they’d get 1-1/2 times over 40 hrs. That makes a 12 hour day worth $280.00/ $1400/week in wages. Now on the average Add 25% for payroll and business insurances, taxes so true cost for that 1 person is now at $1750 for the week. Now lets add on average $90.00/day for a truck, compressor, fuel, maintenance, insurance for a total of $440 a day in costs. You still have not included any of the over head costs! (Click the Table Below for a breakdown)


That is 9 winterizations, at $50 a blow out to make a wage, and NO PROFIT. For however long your blow out season goes, you will only average 19-12 per day for the season.  So it costs about $50.00 and up, to do a blow out. Again with NO PROFIT, what about paying for your cell service? what about the time spent contacting your customers, banking fee’s or credit card charges you have to pay if you accept credit cards. What about benefits i have not even cover that yet! so as you read this you can see that $50 just isn’t going to work anymore! if you want to make a PROFIT!

So you did 100 blow-outs @ $50 that’s $5000 in sales. Now Raise the price to $75, but now you only have to do 67 blow-outs to earn that $5000, Look you are making the same amount of money for less work. If you do those other 33 blow-outs you now have money for your over heads costs and some profit!

Look at the big companies, when there is a demand prices go up! gas prices go up when there is an oil shortage, airline companies charge more for summer travel and holidays its in demand! Cities are starting to charge more for water, because of the demand.

ITS TIME TO RAISE OUR PRICES! in the irrigation industry.