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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to show off your home. Highlight specific features of your property. Expand your entertaining space, and revitalize your yard. We have been offering lighting solutions to our customers for as long as we’ve been installing irrigation systems. We have the expertise to professionally design it and install it. Your outdoor landscape lighting, can be maintained by us as well.

Lighting Design

Great design is the single-most important step to any project. With lighting, we look to achieve incredible results using our three step approach: discovery, identify, install.

Discovery –

In our discovery phase — we walk your property and ask a lot of questions. It’s important for us to consider how you like to use your yard. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening? Do you host a lot of gatherings? Would you like to be able to appreciate the beauty of a well-lit landscape seasonally? Is safety a concern? With answers to these questions, we can look to identify key areas of illumination.

Identify –

We encourage you to help us identify those “area’s that are important to you”. Areas of your property that provide the most enjoyment. What are your thoughts about…illuminating the canopy of the 20′ Japanese maple that will hold your viewing pleasure year round? The warm glow provided by a few well-lights carefully define the sitting area next to the rock garden. If you follow the path lights towards the back of your property, you will be able to experience the serene beauty of your water feature.

Install –

After choosing the key lighting areas. A plan is well constructed for a smooth installation in a short amount of time. Recommendations are made selecting the right fixtures for your taste and budget. We use top quality products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Backed by Hunter®, FX-Luminaire offers a variety of LED lighting solutions. Using low voltage technology and a full spectrum of color, just for you. This means safer installations, increased energy savings, and consistent light — the light at the end of the cable run will be as steady as the first.

Free Demo Weekend

Are you curious, to see what your house will look like? We have a solution for you. Simply give us call. We will come out, set up the lights Friday Night or Saturday Morning. Then you can see what your house will look like. You can move the lights around as well, if you feel it would look better. We will come back out Monday and remove the lights. If you like what you see, we can get you a free estimate. If you wish to purchase, our company can schedule an installation date, at that time as well.

To request a quote, please contact us today! or you can simple request it here.



 House Before Lighting  House After Lighting
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At this time only Hunter FX Luminaire lighting products to illuminate your outdoor living space. With Color options and Dimming Features. These products will help you achieve your desired look? Call us today – we’ll design a unique lighting solution for you!



Up Lighting





Successfully utilizing up lights in a landscape lighting system design can add a tremendous amount of texture, contract and interest. FX provides a high efficiency LED up light for virtually any outdoor application or effect.

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Path Lighting





Path lights provide safe illumination for walkways, and landscape edges and enhance landscape ambiance. The FX Luminaire line of Path Lights provides a wide array of styles, finishes, and material options to suit all kinds of landscapes.

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Wall Lighting





Seamlessly integrating wall lights into outdoor lighting will not only enhance safety, and define edges, it can also greatly enhance setting ambiance. FX provides an efficient LED option for any wall light need.

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Down Lighting





FX LED down lights provide endless opportunities to efficiently mimic natural moonlight and enhance the effects of other lights. They can also serve practical purposes when hung or mounted above tables, barbeques, and seating areas.

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Specialty Lights





The FX LED line of specialty lights were developed to provide efficient, versatile solutions for niche applications and specialized effects.

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Power & Control





Continue to transform your outdoor living space all evening. Whether you’re hosting a party or gathered around the fire, all of your landscape lighting can be individually controlled as the night goes on. With your cell phone and the easy to use, uniquely designed Luxor app, you can alter your lighting system with one touch. As the night goes on, you can change themes, modify light intensity, shift colours, dim zones, and group vignettes – all with the slide of your finger. The Luxor ZD and ZDC outdoor lighting systems will truly expand your living space.

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