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Irrigation Financing

Sprinkler Installation Irrigation Financing


We are pleased to announce a professional relationship with Toro and Citi Bank, where we can now offer financing for your residential irrigation installation.

The Application is quick and easy, it can be found here, simply fill it out, find out your results in minutes. Fully secured! Applications are subject to credit approval by Citibank. Terms and condition will apply.

Financing Application

Don’t worry about what they are claiming for interest, that is the charge if you don’t agree to there terms, or if you don’t pay it off, during there promo periods.

This account is good for irrigation or landscape lighting, and can be used over again.

Some of there promotions are as follows:

1. 0% Interest for 24 months
2. Prepaid Visa Card
3. More coming

Make sure you inquire with are sales professionals