Warranties / Guarantee’s for Irrigation

Our “Winterization Guarantee” is for 8 months and we cover everything from outside the house to the ground, (EXCEPT the Backflow Devices, see below), as long as we have access to the house so we can perform our job correctly.

Except the Backflow Devices, we have changed this do to so many home owners, wanting to use the faucets after we winterize, and changing the handles on the devices. Not conforming to winterizing standards. We have also noticed that home owners are starting up there systems WAY to early in the spring, and trying to shut it done again. So we are NO longer covering the BACKFLOW Devices during winterizing. So this means that the home owner is responsible for any damages, to the backflow. If your backflow PBV is leaking from the top, This is not covered under the winterizing also, as this is normal wear and tear. If your copper pipe has a split in it, we will cover the expense of that repair as long as we preformed the winterizing, and do the Start-up in the spring. “ACT OF GOD” if temp’s fall below 30 degree’s and you have not drained your system, or have it blown out before the temp’s fall below 30 degree’s, you “the homeowner” are responsible for all repairs.

Our “Repair Warranty“, is for 30 days. If any additional work is requires after that 30 day period, the home owner will be charged for additional costs.
During the warranty period, if the homeowner or another contractor or company and other than Irrigation City Inc. performs work on the system installed or repaired by Irrigation City Inc, the warranty is considered null and void.
Please be aware that when a repair is made, the repair itself is considered complete. We do not warranty unrelated problems that can surface after we leave.

Installation Warranty is as follows:

5 Years materials & Labor, see below

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a workman like manner, according to  the Irrigation Standard Practices. An alteration or deviation from the estimate will incur extra costs. Homeowner to carry Fire, Tornado and other necessary insurance. The home owner is responsible for items not located by “Gopher State One Call” items include, but not limited to things such as Invisible Doggy Fences, Drain Tile, Property Lines, Private Gas Lines – pools, bbq’s, Private Electrical Lines and etc. Irrigation City Inc will make every attempt to avoid damages to these items. As long as the home owner has marked them out for us.


By having us do the “Installation” you the home owner have read and agreed to our warranty policy, and “Irrigation City Inc” agrees to supply the labor and materials to install an irrigation system for the estimated price as stated via email, text or contract paper. Irrigation City Inc also agrees to Repair or Replace any malfunctioning irrigation system component installed by Irrigation City Inc. At no extra cost to the home owner for the period stated on the estimate. Here are the following Restrictions:

  1. Any product that is supplied by the home owner to us, for installation will not be included in the warranty!
  2. This Warranty applies to New Installations only
  3. This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable
  4. This Warranty applies only to labor and materials to repair or replace only irrigation system components, all sleeving is excluded, under warranty policies. Examples are sidewalks, driveways, bike paths and etc. contact us if you have questions.
  5. “Act of God” Storms and weather related, Fire(s), All electrical components are NOT covered under this warranty, Examples of items are: Controllers/Timers, Transformers, Solenoids, Wire and etc.
  6. This Warranty applies only if Irrigation City Inc performs the Winterizations for warranty period stated on your estimate
  7. No other company, contractor or homeowner can perform said repairs or work on the system, during the said period, other wise the warranty become null and void
  8. Payment must be made at the time of completion, other wise the warranty become null and void
  9. If property lines are not marked out, any extra costs to get irrigation components back on to the property will be at the cost of the home owner!
  10. Any Damages that happen from sod companies while laying sod or grading, will incur an additional expense to home owner for repairs
  11. Any Payment via a credit card has a surcharge of 2.89%
  12. You should have your system winterized, before October 15th!, you the “Homeowner” will be responsible to schedule this event.

By having us install your sprinkler system, you have read and agreed to all terms.