Installations & Add-On’s



We provide irrigation installations and add-on’s for residential and commercial properties, our service area covers a vast majority of the twin cities and some out lying area’s. We install systems from Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, Irritrol and others. We use a vibratory plow, that means there are no “TRENCHES” in your yard, and your yard will recover faster. Head to head coverage is what we do and design, a lot of customers say “why are there so many heads” or “why do you have more heads on your estimate!” this is called head to head coverage. Are you looking for other watering options, do you have a lake?, river? pond? we can pull water from there as well, to water your lawn. So if you are looking for a lawn sprinkler system, you have come to the right spot, give us a call or simply click on the form below.

Our “QUOTES” are FREE! you can just call us @ 952-233-1905 or use our “Estimate Form” or simply Contact Us

Here is what we provide you:

  • A Professional Installation
  • A 5 Year Warranty on parts and labor
  • 1st year of Maintenance is FREE (Free winterization and Start-Up)
  • A No “BROWN SPOT” guarantee
  • Financing Options!
  • 24/7 call service, you call we are here!
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Group Discounts
  • Our Very Own Deals and Coupons (Click)
  • 30 Day we monitor your system, grow in period for new sod (Restrictions apply)
  • We our Locally owned and operated
  • References, you need them, why can supply them

This is why we are Minnesota #1 installer

Our “BROWN SPOT” guarantee, is good for 1 year, if there is a brown spot, that is due to a faulty installation, we will fix it at NO cost to the home owner, exceptions are dog spots or due to dogs/animals creating these, also poor soil conditions, we can recommend fixes for these types of problems as well. If you choose a “Rachio” Controller, our “Brown Spot Guarantee” becomes voidable and we will not be liable for any brown spots!

Grow in period“, a wi-fi controller must be installed, either a rainbird esp-me or rainbird tm2, or a hunter pro-hc after the 30 days we will contact you as to how you can monitor your own system and save money and dollars. We must have access to your timer, Extra fee’s may apply.



We can provide additional zones/sections to any existing system! maybe you want a garden faucet added, or looking to add drip for your flower beds around the house, do you hanging pots or pots on the deck, we can get them watered for you!